4 Different Ways to Wear Your Bodycon Dress

Oh no! It’s been a month after my last post and I missed writing for my blog. I’ve been busy writing articles for my work. I’m so ashamed for ignoring my blog for a long time. But I am back and will try my hardest to constantly post. For this post, I will be doing my first ever how to’s. I hope you will find this article helpful. Enjoy ladies!

Blouses and skirts or pants are not the only clothes you can mix and match for a fashionable look. You can also wear dresses with pants or skirts or do layering.

Today, I am going to show you how to wear your bodycon dress in four different ways and totally look different each time. And the best thing is, you can save a lot of money!

So I raided my closet to look for clothes that I can wear with my bodycon dress.

My black floral bodycon dress that I bought at Stud Boutique (my sponsor when I was news anchoring for our local TV station).

My black floral bodycon dress that I bought at Stud Boutique (my sponsor when I was news anchoring for our local TV station). They are located at J Center Mall Mandaue City, Cebu, Philippines

And these are what I came up with:

 1. Skater skirt

Bought this skater skirt in Christine Angel's online clothing shop.

Bought this skater skirt at Christine Angel’s online clothing shop. Check her online shop: https://www.facebook.com/pages/TheBernil-Fashion/189855654394607


2. Blazer

Bought this blazer also at my sponsor Stud Boutique

Bought this blazer also at my sponsor’s shop, the Stud Boutique located at J Center Mall Mandaue City, Cebu, Philippines

3. Sweater

This pink sweater was a birthday gift and I totally love it. Perfect cold weathers.

This pink sweater was a birthday gift and I totally love it. Perfect for cold weathers.

4. Jeggings

This is my fave pair of jeggings. Bought this at Closet Collection located at Skyrise 3 IT Park Lahug, Cebu City, Philippines.

This is my fave pair of jeggings. Bought this at Closet Collection located at Skyrise 3 IT Park Lahug, Cebu City, Philippines.

Hope you’ve learned something from me today. Thank you so much for dropping by. If you have questions about this post or about anything, don’t hesitate to email me at thefashiontologist@gmail.com.

‘Till next time! (which I do hope will be very soon. Lol).



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Princess for a Night..

I miss you all guys, I have been very busy with other stuffs that I wasn’t able to make a new post. But now I’m back to post about the special event I went to last Sunday.

My last post was about a hair do that I really want to do on my hair for the event but no matter how many times I tried, I just couldn’t get it so I opted to curl my hair instead.

It was a formal affair, my mom and I wore long gowns, while my father and brother wore suits. We took the opportunity to take a family picture.


I have a great family! We had so much fun that night.. That night was extra special for us because it’s not everyday that we get to spend time with my older brother because he is now living in Manila while the three of us remained here in Cebu.  And look! My parents holding hands while smiling at the camera.. so cute!

And that night, I felt like a princess, outside the hustle and bustle of my regular, stressful life. I got away from it all for a few hours and I’m really going to cherish that night for always.

For the occasion, I wore an empire cut one-shoulder royal blue gown. It was a really simple gown with just blue gems as embellishments but I love it! Tip: Empire cut gowns and dresses, will instantly give the impression of long legs so it will make you look taller than you actually are!

I curled my short locks and did my own make-up. While my mother, wore an orange gown, just right for her age. I also did her hair and make-up. She was so pretty that night. Not to mention how dashing my father and brother are!


In this picture, I’m surrounded by beautiful ladies, friends of different ages but all are so fun to be with..


(sigh) It’s so good to feel like you are a princess, even for just one night…



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Things That I Want to Do Before I Grow Old

As I was thinking of a good topic to write for my blog, I suddenly remembered a post in my facebook account last year about the things I want to do before I grow old. And now, I realized that I already started doing one of those things, blogging..

Here’s a repost from my facebook account dated September 5, 2012:

“Aside from my current work, I also dream of becoming a singer/make up artist/fashion stylist/travel blogger/veterinarian/dermatologist/pilot/skydiver/tennis player/college professor/events organizer/etc.

-what’s fit kaya for me? hhmm…”

This post drew many comments from my friends. Some of them said pilot, some veterenarian. There’s one who said singer (which by the way I’m also starting to do with a guitarist friend) and one who said professor. But of all the things I planned to do, the first that I actually did do is blogging.

Because I am now busy planning everything for my first-ever business, I do not have the luxury to travel around (not yet anyway), so I decided to make a fashion and beauty blog instead of a travel blog. Ever since I’m little, I am always fascinated with fashion. In fact, even as early as my elementary years, I have a versatile wardrobe from pants to  skirts, to blouses and cute dresses. I always give my mom my pwetty-pweez look so she will buy the really cute headbands and clips that I saw and fell in love with while we were going around the mall.

And even though I’m already behind the blogging era, I still started doing blogging just a month ago because I enjoy writing and sharing my thoughts to the world. I’m still learning the ways of blogging and when I get the hang of it, I will one by one make new blogs sharing different topics.

And now that I started doing one of the many things I want to do before I grow old, I’m looking at my list again and thought of what I will do next. hhhmmm…  To find out what i checked next, watch out for my future posts! I will also add more to-do’s in my list because I want to do so much more! 🙂

I hope that after reading this post, you will make your own bucket list and start doing the things you love to do the most one at a time. As the saying goes, “live life to the fullest!”



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Bows and Stripes

Night out with your girlfriends is always fun. And a group of kikay girls together is always a nice sight. You don’t want to be left behind your friends’ fashion by wearing your faded shirt that you took out from the closet in a hurry or your loose pants that already wore out because you wear the same pair of pants almost everyday. Nothing wrong with that really, but there are times that it’s nice to doll yourself up especially if it’s dinner and maybe coffee (or milktea) after in SM or Ayala or IT Park.


July tube striped dress with a maroon belt and a big bow accent. If it’s too sexy for you, you can wear a bolero or  a cute knit-blazer over the dress. 🙂



Laid-back Friday

Hi girls! Welcome to my blog. This is my first attempt to post so hope you like it!

Friday night is usually a night of party for most teens and young adults. But for me and my friends, it’s a night for dessert!


So for a laid-back night out with friends, I chose to wear a Diesel leopard see-through dress with a low neckline and underneath it is a black lingerie. I used a white waist belt to accentuate the dress. And because it’s a relaxed night, it’s a night off for my high heels and usedmy Mario de Boro white flats (with crystal accents).