Things That I Want to Do Before I Grow Old

As I was thinking of a good topic to write for my blog, I suddenly remembered a post in my facebook account last year about the things I want to do before I grow old. And now, I realized that I already started doing one of those things, blogging..

Here’s a repost from my facebook account dated September 5, 2012:

“Aside from my current work, I also dream of becoming a singer/make up artist/fashion stylist/travel blogger/veterinarian/dermatologist/pilot/skydiver/tennis player/college professor/events organizer/etc.

-what’s fit kaya for me? hhmm…”

This post drew many comments from my friends. Some of them said pilot, some veterenarian. There’s one who said singer (which by the way I’m also starting to do with a guitarist friend) and one who said professor. But of all the things I planned to do, the first that I actually did do is blogging.

Because I am now busy planning everything for my first-ever business, I do not have the luxury to travel around (not yet anyway), so I decided to make a fashion and beauty blog instead of a travel blog. Ever since I’m little, I am always fascinated with fashion. In fact, even as early as my elementary years, I have a versatile wardrobe from pants to  skirts, to blouses and cute dresses. I always give my mom my pwetty-pweez look so she will buy the really cute headbands and clips that I saw and fell in love with while we were going around the mall.

And even though I’m already behind the blogging era, I still started doing blogging just a month ago because I enjoy writing and sharing my thoughts to the world. I’m still learning the ways of blogging and when I get the hang of it, I will one by one make new blogs sharing different topics.

And now that I started doing one of the many things I want to do before I grow old, I’m looking at my list again and thought of what I will do next. hhhmmm…  To find out what i checked next, watch out for my future posts! I will also add more to-do’s in my list because I want to do so much more! 🙂

I hope that after reading this post, you will make your own bucket list and start doing the things you love to do the most one at a time. As the saying goes, “live life to the fullest!”



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